Guide to Online Home Listings – For Sale by Owner

fsboIf you’re into DIY and looking to save some money the appeal of for sale by owner might be too much for you to pass up. But where should you start? We recommend you start with online listings, this is the easiest way to reach the biggest audience and costs well under $1,000. This guide is built to cross examine different listing sites to showcase what they offer so you can find the best deal.

The listing sites we will cover will be ForSalebyOwner.com, Owners.com, and FlatFeeGroup.com. All pricing is subject to change depending on the area and market that you live, these prices are all based off of Orlando,FL.

for sale by owner

For Sale By Owner  has five different packages to choose from  ranging in price from $80 for a monthly  package to $699 MLS Enhanced Listing. Below you can find all of the packages and what they include each step up will include all options contained in less expensive packages.

Monthly – $80.95 (reoccurring charge)

  • ForSalebOwner.com listing, which touts 2 million visitors a month
  • Full listing with up to 6 photos
  • Market Report
  • Customer support

Until Sold – $184

  • One time charge for the listing until it is sold. (break even point is a little over 2 months)

Multi-Media – $294

  • Additional tools like video, unlimited listing photos, and a yard sign.

Deluxe – $294

  • Featured ForSalebyOwner.com listing
  • Featured on Zillow.com, Yahoo.com, and Realtor.com

MLS Enhanced Listing – $699 (If you really want to sell your home fast)

  • Get listed in the MLS so buyers agents can see your property


Owners.com has a similar setup to For Sale by Owner with 5 packages as well but their offerings are slightly different. Each step up step up will include all options contained in less expensive packages

Basic – Free!

  • 1 Photo with listing
  • Craigslist listing
  • Printable brochurePremium – $79
  • 20 Photos
  • Listings on 20+ partner sites (6 month listing)

Showcase – $259

  • Listing on Realtor.com, MSN Real Estate, and Truila.com (6 month listing)
  • Featured listing on Zillow and Yahoo (6 month listing)

Local MLS – $395

  • Listings on 20+ partner sites (Active until sold)
  • Listing on local MLS (6 months)

Premium MLS – $495

  • 12 Month listings on Realtor.com, MSN Real Estate, and Trulia
  • 12 Month listings on Zillow and Yahoo
  • 12 Month listing on the MLS




Flat Fee Group has several less expensive packages but they are definitely not as extensive than the others. This is probably your best bet if you are looking to get on to the MLS and get your home sold on a tight budget. Again all lower level services are included in next step.

Basic MLS – $177 (limited time offer, reg $299)

  • 6 Month MLS listing
  • 6 Photos
  • Listing on Realtor.com

Showcase MLS – $277 (limited time offer, reg $399)

  • 1 year listing
  • 25 Photos and Visual Tour
  • 30+ Partner site listings
  • Zillow, Yahoo, Trulia
  • Craigslist listing

Full Service MLS – $377 (limited time offer, reg $599)

  • Market Analysis
  • Lockbox
  • Contract Coach
  • Forms and Broker Support


Depending on your real estate market your home could take longer or shorter to sell. We recommend you start with the less expensive or free options until you know how your market will react to your property. The last thing you want to do is spend $600+ for an ultra premium 12 month listing and sell in a week. If you need to sell your home fast to avoid foreclosure or you’ve tried the above techniques and nothing’s working then contact us we can help!