5 Easy Steps to Sell Your Home Faster

Sell House Fast TipsIf you’re in a financial bind and need to sell your house, you may be wondering how you can accomplish this quickly and get a decent price. Selling a house is especially difficult in an economic downturn, but there are several different things you can do to put your house on the market and optimize your chances of selling.

1) Price it right. Buyers tend to look for cheaper homes and newer homes; while you do not have control over the age of your home you can price it right. Do some research on the selling prices of other homes in your neighborhood, and houses of similar size in your area. Price your home about 10 percent cheaper than other similar homes and stick to the price. If you try slowly decreasing the price, buyers will see you as a desperate seller and will assume others have seen and rejected your home.

2) Remove clutter, personal photos and memories, and any unnecessary furniture before showing your home to potential buyers. A clean, empty house is much more visually pleasing to someone looking to buy a house than a house with clutter and furniture. Potential buyers will be more likely to want to buy a home if they can visualize where their stuff can go and how they can set up the place. If they see all of your furniture and memories they may feel limited to your arrangements, or that the home is still yours, causing them to continue looking.

3) Give your house curb appeal. When potential buyers are driving around your neighborhood they will be much more impressed by a home that has a healthy, mowed yard and fresh paint. On the other hand, if you let the yard and the outside of your home go, potential buyers may feel as though the house has not been well taken care of. Visually pleasing potential buyers on their first impression of a house can be what wins them over.

4) Use the internet to your advantage. Selling your house online on several different broker and popular  websites can get you a bigger audience, which means a better chance at finding a buyer. Some websites you can try are Craigslist, eBay, Yahoo, and Zillow. Make a video of a tour of your home and post it on Youtube so that you can post the link of your tour onto your advertisements.

5) Don’t hang around for the open house. If you know potential buyers are coming to look at your house, leave the tour to your broker. Potential buyers will most likely feel awkward or as though they are interrupting your daily life if you’re in the house when they have come to take a tour. This feeling of awkwardness could cause you to lose the deal.

Lastly, remember that in an economic downturn, any buyer who makes a reasonable offer should be taken seriously. If all else fails and you are looking to sell your home fast US Home Assist can help!